About Us

We are pleased to announce that Luxury Galeries is LIVE!

Adored by tens of thousands on Facebook, we have finally reached a point that our variety of selections has grown so huge that we think we need to provide our customers an easier and better browsing experience while shopping with us. As such, nothing is better than a fully customer-oriented designed website.

We are luxury brands lovers for their exclusive quality, ever-so-present iconic designs that make so many people addicted to their products including us! Being able to hand pick and examine most of our items, we can make sure that what you receive will be of brand new and 100% authentic straight from the stores. We know how much we all love a bargain from these famous brands and therefore we do make sure that our luxury products are always cheaper than retail prices for brands like Louis Vuitton , Coach , Prada , Gucci , Burberry , LongChamp , Kate Spade , Miu Miu , Chanel

Being one of the most dedicated and committed luxury brands online sellers in Malaysia and Singapore, we thrive to do our outmost best to serve our customers or potential customers. We are happy to hear from you always regarding your inquiries, suggestions, complains. We always welcome customers to send us inquiries about the style number and details of the bags that you really want to have and we will try our best to find the items for you. We do promise that our prices will be at least 10% ~ 70% off retail prices in Malaysia to ensure that our customers have the best bargain possible.

We only sell 100% authentic original luxury bags from stores in USA and Europe and we will make sure that all bags will be treated with extreme care in the process of reaching your hands.

We understand how important it is to be attended and greeted with the right attitude from the online sellers to make customers to be 100% comfortable to shop with us and again.




Disclaimer : We are not affiliated with any brand in any way nor their sales representative or employees. We just happen to love their designs and would love to share the good bargains with everyone